1000 Views Milestone

We hit another milestone! These past few weeks have been kind of exciting for us with the goals we’ve been reaching. A couple of months ago getting 1000 views didn’t seem like it would happen any time soon. But thanks to you, our readers, it has. We’ve had more record-breaking days than ever since we passed our first year online and took on our new domain RazzWorks.com.

Our numbers aren’t huge (yet) but for us, it’s considerable growth and it gives us great hope. We really appreciate everyone who has helped to make it happen. I only wish we could throw a party and invite you all. However, we will celebrate in our own way and send this huge thank you out to you.


Now let’s here from Razz:

How did we reach 1000 views?

We are currently in our 2nd yr 2nd month. In our first year, we received around 50 followers and almost 600 views. I was using an old slow system. In the last two months, our second year so far, we’ve had over 500 views and another 70 followers. At the start of our 2nd year, I also started a new system.

The old way was SLOW the NEW one gets noticed!

S Search topics & ideas of what to write and how.
L Learn today’s lingo for methods I have developed for myself over the years.
O Outline my thoughts, ideas, and ways I do things in an organized structure.
W Write, rewrite, and put it all together into an article or post.

After doing this for a year I have become more systematic with putting together articles. Matter of fact I tend to have 4-5 articles at different stages on the go. So I decided to add a new element to my work.

N Networking – Every morning when I get up I read about 15-30 articles & comment on up to 5 articles that really catch my attention in some way. I do only 3- 5 because I’m a slow reader and this takes me 3-5 hrs. With practice, I’m sure I can perfect my commenting to 5 an hour by the end of the year.

E Editing – As I stated earlier I generally have some articles already “written” which means the content or body has been done. However, they still may need a Title, header, closing, spell check, grammar check, and feature image. Along with whatever else they need to get them ready for posting.

W Write – After I’ve made some adjustments to articles almost ready my brain is now fully awake and functioning with creativity, so I take advantage of it by working on a new post. Which I’m currently doing this very moment with this post.

Now the old SLOW system was great and all, however with practice and being organized I discovered ways that work for me to allow me to get things done a little quicker. But we still weren’t really seeing any results online.

The biggest thing that has changed RazzWorks from being barely noticed to people stopping by to check us out – Networking. In other words, go out and introduce yourself to other people in the WP world. A special thanks to Stuart Danker, Your Friendly Malaysian Writer, for planting the seed. Check out his site to find out how to get a free copy of his eBook on how to grow your blog.

So for all of you that were kind enough to poke your head in and take a look around. Thank you very much. We’d most certainly love for you to stop back again, and again, and again. Also anytime you read a post or article that interests you or that you enjoyed for whatever reason make sure to click like, and I don’t just mean for our site, but for any site you go to. If it helped you in any way, clicking like helps all writers by letting them know that there are people out there who do appreciate the information they are providing.

I’m going to assume that you will be stopping back again to visit us, so I’ll just say – until then, on your ever-evolving journey of life Keep On Going, and Keep On Growing.